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Organisation name:
  the Astrakhan state university
Department/Laboratory/Unit Name:
  faculty of physics and electronics, faculty of theoretical physics and a technique of teaching of physics
Organisation's address:
  414056, Astrakhan, street. Tatisheva  20a
Organisation type:
Contact person:
  Gavrilenkova Irina Vital'evna
Contact person's position:
  the senior teacher of the Astrakhan state university
Contact person's e-mail:
Contact person's telephone/fax:
  The phone: 8(8512) 79-89-34 & Fax: 8(8512) 25-17-45
Project proposal or Company expertise:
  Project proposal
The title of proposal/expertise:
  “The Research centre of integration of pedagogical and information technologies of preparation of experts”.
Description of the proposal/expertise:
  Ways of realization of a principle of a practical orientation of training of pupils and students to subjects of a natural-science cycle through formation at them the generalized methods of the decision of problems(tasks) of applied character are developed; methods of cognitive activity, innovational technologies of preparation of experts through integration of pedagogical and information knowledge and skills.
The proposal/expertise keywords:
  integration, preparation, competitiveness, the expert, employment



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