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Предложение из Национального НИИ мехатроники и измерительной техники, Бухарест, Румыния

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Dr Ileana Tacutu, Национальный НИИ мехатроники и измерительной техники, Бухарест, Румыния (National Institute of Research and Development for Mechatronics and Measurement Technique – INCDMTM) предлагает себя в качестве партнера для белорусских организаций, готовящих заявки на конкурс ERA-WIDE-2011.
Areas of INCDMTM expertise include fundamental and applied researches, technological developments in the field of mechatronics and intelligent measurement technique, medical and rehabilitation devices and systems, investigation and analysis equipment, laboratory equipment, precision tools and devices and specific mechatronic technologies.
We are very interested in participating as a partner in a consortium coordinated by a research centre having a high level of S&T capacity from Belarus in proposals at FP7-INCO-2011-6, (Call title: “Reinforcing cooperation with Europe’s neighbours in the context of the ERA – Activity ERA – WIDE), with funding scheme “Coordination and Support Actions (Supporting Action)” and the deadline: 15 March 2011.
We would like to suggest some project ideas in the field of mechatronics and intelligent measurement technique as follows:
  1. Support for identification and development of research potential in the field of mechatronics and intelligent measurement technique of research entities established in Belarus, including a database for control mechatronic products and technologies, researchers and research organizations in the field. Acronym: MechatronicNEW.
  2. Strategies on innovation in the field of ecological technologies specific to mechatronics. Acronym: MechStrateg;
  3. Machine vision control systems used in industrial applications. Acronym: MaViCS;
  4. Mechatronic systems for calibrating nano-technological equipment. Acronym: NanoCalib;
  5. Advanced laser measurement technologies. Acronym: LaserTech.
  6. Autonomous pluvial collector for individual irrigation of young grape vines. Acronym: PluviCollect;
  7. Geo-hazards monitoring and warning systems: landslides, coastal risks. Acronym: GeHaMon;
  8. Custom made implants based on clinical records, manufactured through selective laser sintering. Acronym: CustImp;
  9. Active communication / consultancy-support for improving the transfer and the commercialization of the research results in the field of micro-nanotechnologies. Acronym: μn TechTrans;
  10. Monitoring systems of the degree of sound pollution in populated areas with intense traffic. Acronym: SoPoMon;
  11. Monitoring system of the environmental parameters in road traffic. Acronym: EnviMon;
  12. Promoting a sustainable rail system, allowing rapid movement, effective, and minimize adverse environmental impacts through the development of intelligent monitoring and control systems to ensure the objectivity of decisions and risk prevention through improved rail-wheel contact. Acronym: RailSys;
  13. Increasing competitiveness of ENP regions through the evaluation, analysis and optimizing the placement of renewable energy sources as well as the education of population on energy efficiency, using methods specific to benchmarking. Acronym: RESEff.

    The activities covered by this call are:
    — Twinning the Belarussian research centre with research centres from EU Member States or Associated Countries in view of exchanging knowledge and good practice, disseminating scientific information, setting up joint experiments through short-term visits or exchange of staff, meetings, seminars.
    — Developing training modules to build competency and to facilitate the participation in FP7.
    — Developing the Belarussian research centre strategy.

    The eligible costs are: travel and subsistence costs for short-term staff exchange or scientific visits, meetings and seminars, consumables, studies, depreciation of equipment.

    Our institute as a partner would like to participate in the following activities: exchanging knowledge and good practices, joint experiments, visits and exchange of staff, meetings, seminars, trainings, studies for research strategy, dissemination.

    Taking into account that the Programme is open to any technical and scientific field, we think that you can also propose other project proposals for FP7-INCO-2011-6. We are open to be your partner at any research project proposal that fit our expertise. You can see the main activities / products of INCDMTM on our website: www.incdmtm.ro

    We are waiting for your answer regarding the possibility of working together at FP7-INCO-2011-6 project proposals proposed by us or by you.

    Contact person:
    Eng. Ileana Tacutu
    National Institute of Research and Development for Mechatronics and Measurement Technique – INCDMTM Bucharest , Romania
    Tel 0040212523068 / int 356; Fax 0040212523437


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